SyncedList updated for iOS 8+

A few weeks ago we finalized an update for our lightning-fast and user-friendly list-syncing app, SyncedList.

It’s now faster and simpler than ever to use, and it works beautifully on iOS 8+.

If you’re a current or former user, update your copy now on the AppStore!


New version of the Kalix Tele 24 app out now!

During the winter, Everichon has helped Kalix Tele 24 to develop their existing iOS and Android apps further.

If you’re a client of Kalix Tele 24 you can use the app to quickly and easily inform the phone operators about your current status and whether you’re available to take a call.

New in version 2.0:

  • The ability to subscribe to your colleagues’ status information.
  • Make calls, send SMS:es and send emails from within the app.
  • New design, updated for both Android 4 and iOS 7.

The app is available here:


Our List – SyncedList in Chinese!

Just a quick update, SyncedList is now available in Traditional Chinese! Go to to download it.


New iOS app released!

We’re pleased to announce the release of our latest iOS app – SyncedList!  Please check it out at!


Hire us

Everichon is now available for contracting work for international clients. Have an app you want to develop, but no in-house development team? Want to port an app from iOS to Android? Do you want a back end service to synchronize data between your mobile clients? Check our services page.


Switching gears

Now summer’s over for real in our corner of the world, and as the sunny season draws to a close, so does our first major client project. It’s been quite intensive, and we’ve learned a lot along the way, but at last it’s done and delivered. The project’s outcome are two mobile clients, one for Android and one for iOS, which talk to the client’s backend systems to simplify data management and entry for their customers. This blend of mobile  clients and backend systems is one of our core competencies  and it’s been a fun ride.

With the project drawing to a close, we’re switching gears  and are once again getting ready to produce our own apps  and investigate new solutions and ideas.

See you out there on the mobile Internet,

regards, Everichon



Hard at work

In the midst of the Swedish summer we are hard at work on a couple of interesting projects. Our time is currently mostly spent building an interesting application in the style of our Mobile Office Helper application for a client. Since this is a priority right now the release for our first major internal project is still a couple of months off but we are putting an effort into that as well. Our codebase and collection of resources is continuously growing and we are excited about a couple of things in there. We just need to find a good way to release them into the world.
The prospects for the fall are looking good and we aim to begin fulfilling our promise of simplicity in our connected world.


Signs of life

In case you have been wondering what we have been up to lately we have been busy building some back end systems to use in our coming applications. We now have the infrastructure in place to build complete mobile systems connecting different devices through our servers. At the same time we are developing a small but useful application to make use of this infrastructure. Look for an initial launch of this application in the coming months.

We’ve also spent some time traveling and finding inspiration everywhere including South America and Ukraine. The next stop that will be San Franscisco where you will find us in the crowd at Google I/O, hope to meet you there!


More than a thousand apps, times two

Looking at our numbers, we realized that Everichon passed the one thousand apps downloaded mark a while ago, on both the iOS and Android platform separately.

We’re obviously very happy about that, and what is even better is that the numbers are increasing steadily. This Gartner report does indeed look promising for the future of smartphone applications, and going by our experience it just might be correct.

As we go into spring we will release a couple of new apps that are currently under development. It will be very interesting to see how they are received by the ever increasing numbers of smartphone users in this exciting, connected world.


GuildNews – now cross platform

GuildNews, our application that let’s you keep track on what is going on in your World of Warcraft gaming guild is now available on Android as well as iOS. This marks the first of our apps that is available for more than one platform but rest assured that it will not be the last.

GuildNews is an ongoing project inspired by a couple of things. The first one is to provide a useful application based on requests from some of our friends who play WoW (and maybe by the needs of some of the people here at Everichon). The second one is to use the application as a tool for fine tuning our internal project setup and tools.

So please, if you have any ideas, suggestions, features or bug reports for GuildNews please let us now. Not only will you help us turn GuildNews into an invaluable tool for online gamers, you will also help us become more streamlined and effective in our aim to create some game changers for real life.

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