GuildNews – now cross platform

GuildNews, our application that let’s you keep track on what is going on in your World of Warcraft gaming guild is now available on Android as well as iOS. This marks the first of our apps that is available for more than one platform but rest assured that it will not be the last.

GuildNews is an ongoing project inspired by a couple of things. The first one is to provide a useful application based on requests from some of our friends who play WoW (and maybe by the needs of some of the people here at Everichon). The second one is to use the application as a tool for fine tuning our internal project setup and tools.

So please, if you have any ideas, suggestions, features or bug reports for GuildNews please let us now. Not only will you help us turn GuildNews into an invaluable tool for online gamers, you will also help us become more streamlined and effective in our aim to create some game changers for real life.



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